jobs GmbH & Co. KG

Since immemorial of time, milk has been essential for healthy grown of people and animals. Even though milk today is processed more and more to make high quality and functional nutritional products, it is still a valuable basic foodstuff that will still be much the same in the future. Milk - in all of its different forms - is our passion. As a major german dairy producer and internationally trading company with headquarters in Hamburg, we consider ourselves as a reliable partner and “global player”, serving the dairy industry and industrial consumer of the food industry. We combine the strengths of each manufacturer with our knowledge and experience in market organisation, differences in currency and freight advantages to supply our customers with products that are individually tailored to meet their needs with the best price / performance ratio possible. In addition to just trading in bulk products, we have various products, e.g. milk powder and milk protein, produced by dairies under wage labour and according to our specifications.
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